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The general construction templates will help you estimate and price all your general construction projects. The General Construction templates has all other Price Zip programs and templates (in their full capacity) combined into one powerful and seamless program that automatically calculates over 800 different materials.

General Construction Templates

As contractors we all are trying to find new ways to be more efficient, accurate, and consistent. Not just the work we do, but pricing and estimating the work. Also, there are a lot of us that work all day and price most of the night. Or you may have the famous or infamous pricing guy. In the next section you will see why the General Construction Templates and the many others we offer may be the answer you’ve been looking for…

Whatever your situation may be, I would like to introduce you to the programs I have built in this site. First of all the programs in this site are based in Excel; which would lead some to refer to the programs as templates. I and many others don’t because it is considered to be misleading to call the programs in this site, templates. The reason for this is that most construction templates have a lot of places to input information and not a lot of output. Most templates have a lot of spaces to manually list tasks and manually enter charges for each task. At best having a few “auto sum functions” the builder threw in for good measure. Then, you still have to write your own material list manually. Don’t get me wrong, even the simplest templates are very handy. That is where my programs started. But, my programs pass simple a couple of years ago. If a simple template can be so handy; think what a not so simple one can do. The programs in this site are opposite most templates I have come across. They do have a lot of options that can be selected or used, but have a considerable amount more out put. For the most part, the only manual parts in the programs are to select a particular light or plumbing fixture. But, in case you miss the manual side of things every program in the site from small to large have the task pricing section for manual input. If you have 200 cells of options you may have as many as 20,000 cells working for you to automatically figure labor, rough, and finish materials. The example I’m about to use is the General Construction template. It has the ability of all the other programs combined (in their full capacity); with over 60,000 cells working for you. In that the General Construction Templates have all the section available from the other programs in this site.

Intro for entering your general charging rates, service fees, workers on site, working hours per day, site prep and cleanup time per day, etc.

Demolition template enter the size of your bin, dump fee and minimum, charge past minimum, time to landfill from site. Then enter how much of what you are to demolition.

Wall Construction template answer the questions as they come:
How many liner feet of wall, wall height, wall thickness, stud spacing, top plates, etc.
Then answer yes to what you are doing for this job: Frame walls, insulation and vapor barrier, strapping ceilings, hanging drywall, etc.

Roofing answer the questions as they come:
Linear feet of valley, linear feet of ridge vent, Architect or water tab shingles, etc.

Plumbing template answer are you using copper or Pex and are you supplying fixtures.
Then answer the questions how many are you installing: Shower valve, shower diverter, Rain shower head, acrylic shower base, kurdi shower base drain, toilet, vanity, etc.

Electrical template answer are you supplying rough materials, finish materials, fixtures, appliances and central units.
Then answer the questions how many are you installing: surface mount light circuit, how many fixtures on the circuit, how many switches operate the circuit.

Tile, Stone, and Counter tops template answer are you supplying tile, metal edge, grout, rough materials, stone tops, and sills.
Then answer the questions how many are you in stalling: shluter base, kurdi membrane, detra mat, shower ceiling tile, border tile, etc.

Flooring template answer if you are supplying rough materials and/or finish materials.
Then answer the questions of how much are you installing: screw existing floor, underlay, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, click floor, etc.

Cabinetry template answer if you are supplying rough materials, cabinets, and/or counter tops.
Then answer the questions as they come; are you installing: sink cabinet, U fillers, cabinet panels, door and drawer handles.

Task Pricing template as I mentioned before if you miss the manual part of things; then this is the section for you.
This section is for entering any extra tasks that come to mind and the materials associated with those tasks.

Misc Budgets template is another small extra thrown into the set.
This section is used to cover the surrounding elements of a job such as: plan production, permits, water and sewer taps, electric connection fees.
This section is also used for dirt and foundation work.

Pricing Summary is exactly that. It’s where everything comes together: material costs, plans, permits, and fees, labor costs, final pricing add-on and fees.
And finally the master material list, which you can review and alter at this point before moving on to print.

Material Print List this is the section for printing your material list.
Simply click the trim list button; reducing the list to only the materials you are using for this job. And then click the print list button.

Quick Start Guide every program in this site comes with two copies of the quick start user guide. One with illustrations and one without for printing.

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