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     Competition can be very high in today’s markets and the construction field is no different.  Contractors are always trying to find new ways to be more efficient, precise, and consistent on their pricing, estimating, and project management.  A new construction project management excel template from Price Zip is your answer.

    The Price Zip Construction Excel templates allow contractors to price and estimate projects by giving simple answers to simple questions.  (Efficiency and Precision) On a good sized residential renovation project the contractor may answer a few hundred questions, but may have 45,000 plus formulas and functions automatically calculating materials, labor, and duration of the project. (Consistent) Once a contractor has set their charge rates and preferences, anyone they choose could price or estimate a project.  (Flexibility) Most of the templates are automatic, but manual sections are also included in every program for increased flexibility.  Here you will find all the newest construction excel templates Price Zip has to offer.

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 You Will Be Glad You Purchased The Price Zip Construction Excel Templates

    The Price Zip Templates allow you to price and estimate projects with great speed and accuracy by answering simple everyday questions.  Depending on the project it could save you hours.  The templates save you not only time pricing projects by automatically calculating labor, but by creating your material list as well.  Instead of typing in each task and then having to type in the materials or the material cost for each task; Price Zip’s templates do the work for you.  So you have already saved money in labor to price and creating your material list.

       The Price Zip templates can also save you money in accuracy over other excel templates.  Other templates may be great for adding the items you put into them, but they can only add up what you remember to put into them.  Example:  You’re framing walls on a concrete slab and the normal template you are using has added up the parts you have remembered to put into the template.  Studs, framing nails, top plates, bottom plates, vapor barrier for under the wall, but no concrete anchors.  As you know it doesn’t take much of a job to loose a quick $100.00 on that one item.  

      I’m going to use the general construction section included in the General Construction, Kitchen, and Bathroom programs for an example.  Answer a very few questions and the General Construction section will automatically calculate the following and then some.  General wall framing, Frost wall framing, Exterior sheeting and house rap, window door and cased opening framing, installation and trimming, insulation and vapor barrier, frame bulkheads, shower benches, niches, sub-floor, drywall insulation finish and sanding, trimming, caulk and wood fill trim, prime and paint, etc. etc.  The General Construction section does all of this in one section with the same set of questions.  Questions such as: How many linear feet of wall?  How tall is the wall?  How thick is the wall?  Number of top plates?  Stud spacing?  Then answer what materials and/or labor are you providing by a simple (1 for Yes and Blank for No).  Questions such as:   Are you providing? Doors?  Windows?  Materials?  Are you?  Framing?  Hanging drywall?  Finishing drywall?  Sanding drywall?  Insulating and vapor barrier?  Installing crown?  Installing baseboard?  Prime?  Paint?

     As you can see, the Price Zip Construction excel templates will save you money.  And depending on the projects you estimate, the Price Zip templates could pay for themselves the first time you use them.  Happy Estimating.

 “Make Pricing Work”  “Less Like Work”